Turntables question

Hey Folks! How are you doing today?

Today I am not going to write a story that happened to me, instead I would like to ask for your help. I am hesitating. I fell in love with a turntable. It looks amazing and I heard it in person, it sounds stunning too. You can read a nice review about it for example on this site dealing with turntables: PickMyTurntable.com.

nice pic of a record player

There is only one problem, the reason why I haven’t bought it right away. Yes, you got it right, the price. It costs over 400 dollars. It is not a fortune, I know. However, I have never spent this much money on an electronic device before with one exception: my laptop. Heck, why all the hesitation.

So, my question is simple: What do you think, should I buy it or not? When you recommend, please also let me know whether you have already heard it live or not. Because if you have, I may give more importance to your opinion.

Just one more thing. If any of you has any experience with this model or any other record player / turntable, could you please let me know? I may have some further questions to you.

Tankless water heater to my sister

I still have a lot to do, because something always broke in the house of my sister. She still requires a huge amount of support and I have no problem with that, but it is a little bit tiring sometimes.

Last week the water heater broke in that apartment. We called for a plumber but all who we could find had so full calendar that they could only offer to come after 2 weeks.

Fortunately, we could fix the problem for a while, but a full exchange of the tankless water heater is a must. Until the expert comes my sister do all water related activities at my place.

To make the whole process a little bit faster I should had to find the most suitable water heater to her flat and order it. I want to do it, because I don’t want to wait another two weeks for a plumber.

I tried to buy the mentioned product in local stores but all of them was much more expensive than if I buy it online. They charge about 40% more for the same product…that’s ridiculous…

I gave it 2 hours from my life and I already found a site which gave tips on how to buy the best tankless water heater from experts. It is called Prime Heaters I believe that I found the most suitable water heater, which is powered by electricity, cost way less than in the stores I checked and very cost-efficient. If these are not the characteristic of a good water heater than I don’t know what could be. It is made from very strong materials (based on the reviews I found), so maybe this won’t break within the next two or three decades. I hit the order button 10 minutes ago and now I’m waiting its arrive.

If everything goes as promised than it’ll arrive two days before the plumber.

Consultancy and facial hair

Hello guys!

Six month ago I wrote about how good it would be, if I could become a consultant. After five months full of trainings and self-education, I am finally a management-consultant! This is a much-much better, than the previous work I did. I really enjoy every moments of it.

But… (yes there is always some downside) it isn’t enough to shave my face once a week as I did before this change. I never loved using a razor, this was just a nuisence for me. But now, I have to shave every morning. This is an expectation that come from our customers and even from the whole world. A consultant must be always well-groomed and must not have any facial hair. It is something like a protocol. On the other hand it can give some confidence as well, which is pretty good. You know that your face is always clean, and you can go everywhere without anyone questioning your habits.

So I had to change some of my feeling to the razors. After a week, using my old razor, I decided that I need an electric razor. I searched quite lot and found an interesting article about the best electronic shaver, which helped me to order a really good machine. Since that, the shaving become some kind of game instead of a necessary bad thing. It cut down the time of the process about it’s half and thanks to the Braun electronic shaver’s blade, my skin never get irratated since.


So guys, maybe you are in the same boat as I was, so I want to give you an advice:

Do everything in order to be who you want to be, and don’t fear razor shaves, they can make your life much easier 🙂

I’m already planned to write about what helped and motivated me, when I wanted to give it up, so next time I’ll give you some of those tips.

Stay tuned!