Consultancy and facial hair

Hello guys!

Six month ago I wrote about how good it would be, if I could become a consultant. After five months full of trainings and self-education, I am finally a management-consultant! This is a much-much better, than the previous work I did. I really enjoy every moments of it.

But… (yes there is always some downside) it isn’t enough to shave my face once a week as I did before this change. I never loved using a razor, this was just a nuisence for me. But now, I have to shave every morning. This is an expectation that come from our customers and even from the whole world. A consultant must be always well-groomed and must not have any facial hair. It is something like a protocol. On the other hand it can give some confidence as well, which is pretty good. You know that your face is always clean, and you can go everywhere without anyone questioning your habits.

So I had to change some of my feeling to the razors. After a week, using my old razor, I decided that I need an electric razor. I searched quite lot and found an interesting article about the best electronic shaver, which helped me to order a really good machine. Since that, the shaving become some kind of game instead of a necessary bad thing. It cut down the time of the process about it’s half and thanks to the Braun electronic shaver’s blade, my skin never get irratated since.


So guys, maybe you are in the same boat as I was, so I want to give you an advice:

Do everything in order to be who you want to be, and don’t fear razor shaves, they can make your life much easier 🙂

I’m already planned to write about what helped and motivated me, when I wanted to give it up, so next time I’ll give you some of those tips.

Stay tuned!