Tankless water heater to my sister

I still have a lot to do, because something always broke in the house of my sister. She still requires a huge amount of support and I have no problem with that, but it is a little bit tiring sometimes.

Last week the water heater broke in that apartment. We called for a plumber but all who we could find had so full calendar that they could only offer to come after 2 weeks.

Fortunately, we could fix the problem for a while, but a full exchange of the tankless water heater is a must. Until the expert comes my sister do all water related activities at my place.

To make the whole process a little bit faster I should had to find the most suitable water heater to her flat and order it. I want to do it, because I don’t want to wait another two weeks for a plumber.

I tried to buy the mentioned product in local stores but all of them was much more expensive than if I buy it online. They charge about 40% more for the same product…that’s ridiculous…

I gave it 2 hours from my life and I already found a site which gave tips on how to buy the best tankless water heater from experts. It is called Prime Heaters I believe that I found the most suitable water heater, which is powered by electricity, cost way less than in the stores I checked and very cost-efficient. If these are not the characteristic of a good water heater than I don’t know what could be. It is made from very strong materials (based on the reviews I found), so maybe this won’t break within the next two or three decades. I hit the order button 10 minutes ago and now I’m waiting its arrive.

If everything goes as promised than it’ll arrive two days before the plumber.