Turntables question

Hey Folks! How are you doing today?

Today I am not going to write a story that happened to me, instead I would like to ask for your help. I am hesitating. I fell in love with a turntable. It looks amazing and I heard it in person, it sounds stunning too. You can read a nice review about it for example on this site dealing with turntables: PickMyTurntable.com.

nice pic of a record player

There is only one problem, the reason why I haven’t bought it right away. Yes, you got it right, the price. It costs over 400 dollars. It is not a fortune, I know. However, I have never spent this much money on an electronic device before with one exception: my laptop. Heck, why all the hesitation.

So, my question is simple: What do you think, should I buy it or not? When you recommend, please also let me know whether you have already heard it live or not. Because if you have, I may give more importance to your opinion.

Just one more thing. If any of you has any experience with this model or any other record player / turntable, could you please let me know? I may have some further questions to you.